Scripture Reading: Luke 1:8 (New International Version)

Once when Zechariah’s division was on duty and he was serving as priest before God…

Thought for the day:

Many years ago, I played for a small village rugby team. I wasn’t particularly good and as I wasn’t particularly big, the coach decided that my best position was out on the wing. In Rugby Union, this position is normally filled by someone who is very quick, agile and strong. The only reason I played in this position was that we were a small team and struggling for players! I didn’t fit the bill at all. There was another player who played in this position and in all honesty he did meet all the criteria. He was much, much faster than me. He was stronger than me and there wasn’t a chance that I could be his equal. However, almost every other week, the coach would pick me for the game. The reason was that the other player wasn’t prepared to travel to away games. If we were playing at home, even if he didn’t turn up for training, he knew that he would be picked for the Saturday. If the fixture was away, then you wouldn’t see him all week. He just wouldn’t put himself out. He liked the easy way. He wasn’t prepared to graft and tolerate some of the abuse from the away fans.

Here in this very short verse, we see a wonderful attitude to service. Bear in mind that Zechariah was having a tough time; his wife was being ridiculed for not having children and he faced a future without ever seeing an heir to all he had. He could have been disillusioned by circumstance, he could have decided that serving God was too much hassle. He chose a better option. He was prepared to graft, he was prepared to put in the effort because he knew that God was worthy of it all. Sometimes we have to do the right thing even out of duty and trust that God will open doors that are seemingly permanently shut. Please don’t be like my friend in the team who had everything but only served when it suited him. Give God your best. All the time. Then watch what He does with a correct attitude and a pure heart.

Prayer and Application:

Have there been times in your life where you think you’ve not given everything to God? In the light of this morning’s devotion, how do you feel?
Take a few minutes to ask God to forgive you for any shortcomings. Always remember that there is no condemnation. God WANTS to forgive you and to cleanse you.