Scripture Reading: Romans 11:7-10 (Philips New Testament)

7  What conclusion do we reach now? That Israel did not, as a whole, obtain the object of his striving, but a chosen few achieved it. The remainder became more and more insensitive to the righteousness of God.

8  This is borne out by the scripture: God gave them a spirit of stupor, Eyes that they should not see, And ears that they should not hear, Unto this very day.

9  And David says of them: Let their table be made a snare, and a trap, And a stumbling-block, and a recompense unto them:

10  Let their eyes be darkened, that they may not see, And bow thou down their back alway.”

Thought for the day:

It is incredibly difficult to look at some passages of Scripture and find a clear understanding or explanation of the text. As I’ve tried to say on so many occasions, God’s thoughts are so much higher than ours and therefore, why should we think it possible that we can understand everything He says and does. Surely, there will be times when nothing makes sense. There are also verses in the Bible that could, perfectly legitimately, be interpreted in more than one way. Even when we place the verse in context and we compare that context to other Bible verses, it is not always possible to adequately explain the meaning or application. 

The greatest danger when reading the scripture is that we place our opinions or prejudices INTO the verses instead of trying to extract the meaning OUT OF the verses. We are on thin ice if we seek to use the Scripture to prove our opinion instead of forming our opinion as a result of a consistent, accurate reading of His Word. Today’s verses provide exactly those kinds of challenges. Very often, we interpret these verses in the way we want to understand them. 

I’m sure you’ve seen optical illusions where the picture isn’t always what you think you’re seeing. Some people can see one thing, but others see something completely different. I think that some of the chapters in Romans are like that. In my opinion, the subjects of Election and Predestination are two of the greatest mysteries in the whole of Scripture. The apostle Paul in verse 7 is challenging us to reach a conclusion. This conclusion is that not all of Israel obtained what they were seeking for. The reason why is open to debate! More on this tomorrow.

Prayer and Application:

We have contemplated this subject a few times before but in preparation for tomorrow, please take some time in prayer today to seek God’s face and pray over His Word as you read it.