Scripture Reading: Luke 2:8 (New International Version)

“And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night.

Thought for the day:

A few years ago, the Duchess of Cambridge was expecting her first child and as she was admitted to hospital, seemingly the whole world held its breath awaiting the news of the birth. Outside the hospital, scores of photographers and news crews from around the world gathered in preparation for the announcement. Along with the media, hundreds of people from all over the UK ‘camped out’ in the street poised ready to wave their Union Jack flags in response to the amazing news of the birth. 

After some 10 hours in labour, HRH Prince George Louis Alexander of Cambridge was born and became 3rdin line to the throne after his father Prince William and his grandfather Prince Charles. This future king was born and the world rejoiced. Official notification of the birth was placed on a gold plated easel at Buckingham Palace and was signed by several officials at the Palace. The following day, Prince George was presented to the world’s media wrapped in the finest of blankets before being driven to their home at Kensington Palace. Thousands of photographs soon made their way on to the internet and now the whole world was aware of the birth of this future king. 

What a stark contrast this is when we read our verses today from Luke. This week we’re going to read about the announcement of the birth of Jesus. Today’s verse puts a marker down as to how this is going to be done. In contrast to the world’s media being put on alert, God chooses to make the big announcement to some shepherds. The baby isn’t the 3rd in line to any royal throne but is the promised messiah who would sit on God’s throne for all eternity. People have looked forward to this event for centuries. It has been prophesied since the dawn of time and there is no earthly royalty involvement. No officials or dignitaries were asked to attend the birth. God chose to find some lowly shepherds in the fields to inform them first of what was unfolding in Bethlehem that night. Shepherds were regarded as a despised class of people, not least because the nature of the job meant that it was very difficult to observe all the regulations of Mosaic law. Nevertheless, it’s quite clear that they responded properly when given the news (verses 15, 17 and 20). My very short message to you today is to remember that it doesn’t matter what your occupation is, it is irrelevant what other people think of you. The only thing that matters is what God thinks of you! 

Prayer and Application:

Just like these shepherds, rejoice in the knowledge that God has chosen you. He has decided to reveal Jesus to you. Let us respond in the same way as the shepherds and praise God for all that He has done.