Scripture Reading: Luke 1:16 (New International Version)

“And he will turn many Israelites to the Lord their God.”

Thought for the day:

“Because of what you’ve done, you’re dead to me!” Today’s verse reminds me of story about an elderly gentleman who had passed away suddenly. He left several children and quite a large amount of money as part of his estate. As is so often the case, the children began to consider what this would/could mean for them. They began to argue about who had played the more active role in their father’s life and made the case that they should have a larger share of the inheritance. It became obvious very quickly that there was no love lost between the children and in fact one of them became very aggressive as he made his case for his share. As his sister spoke against him, he reacted violently and hit her to the floor. The eldest brother responded in an equally aggressive manner and soon 2 of the sons where laying into each other. As he stood there with blood dripping from his mouth, with total contempt, he almost spat out the words: “Take your money, go and I never want to see you again. You’re dead to me”. A lifetime of friendship, of love and care was destroyed in such a short space of time. 

When we carefully consider the scripture and plot the ‘progress’ of the Israelites we see them fail time and time again. They vow their allegiance to God and then betray Him by following other gods. They repent and ask for forgiveness only to do the same things all over again. God graciously forgives time and time again and keeps promising that He will send a deliverer. They just have to have faith in Him. 

They key thing I want to bring to your attention today is the last part of the verse: ‘The Lord their God’. Never once did God turn His back on His people. Even through desperate days of complete disobedience, God always had a plan for them. He was always, He is and will always be THEIR GOD. He is faithful to His word – forever. They may not have seen it or appreciated it but that didn’t change the awesome faithfulness of God.As a Christian, you too can stand firm on this wonderful attribute of God. He will be faithful to you despite your circumstances. You may fail him on occasion but He will never use the words from our story today. You will never be dead to Him. In fact, His Word clearly states that “We are alive in Him”. He is forever faithful to His Word and He will watch over it to make sure it happens! We in turn have to have faith in Him and remember that Faith always triumphs over failure!

Prayer and Application:

Prayerfully consider some of the things that are concerning you in the future. Bring these to God in prayer and declare your faith in Him and trust Him to see you through them all.